Animal-Themed Jewellery for Kids – A Wholesaler's Guide For Sterling Silver

Animal-Themed Jewellery for Kid’s: A Wholesaler’s Guide For Sterling Silver

Animal-Themed Jewellery for Kids – A Wholesaler's Guide For Sterling Silver

For children, Animal-themed jewellery is the height of style! Having their favourite animal as a pendant on a necklace, or around their wrist as a bracelet, is a great way for them to express themselves.

At Silver JD, we believe that kids should have a wider range of animal-themed jewellery to choose from, which is why we stock a huge catalogue of items. From sterling silver elephant stud earrings to unicorn pendant necklaces, we’ve got something for everyone.

Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewellery in The UK - Kids Collection

Children are naturally drawn to the natural world from a young age, and whether it’s their favorite animal from a storybook or a creature they’ve encountered at the zoo, animals hold a special place in their hearts.

To ensure the safety of our customers, all of Silver JD’s wholesale silver jewellery is made from 925 sterling silver. 925 silver is durable and hypoallergenic, making it safe for children with sensitive skin. By ensuring that our products are made from the highest quality materials, our customers can rest assured that their items are well-crafted and long-lasting.

Bestselling Animal Jewellery:

All of our items are expertly crafted and intricately designed, and some of them are highly popular. Below is a listing of the wholesale bestsellers for animal-related jewellery that we stock at Silver JD:

Unicorn Collection :

Wholesale silver Jewellery UK - Unicorn Collection

Unicorn Kids jewellery is currently experiencing a surge in popularity. Unicorns have captivated children’s imaginations for generations, and in today’s world, parents and children alike are drawn to the fantasy that unicorns represent.

The vibrant colours often found in unicorn-themed wholesale jewellery add an element of fun and excitement for children. Silver JD stock a number of unicorn-themed items due to their ever-increasing trend.

Cat Collection:

Of all the animals represented in jewellery, cats are the most popular. With their adoring fanbase, our love for cats has grown and grown throughout the years. Silver JD stocks a range of cat-related items for both kids and adults alike. From delicate silver studs to pendant charms, we have something to satisfy
all tastes.

Alpaca Collection:

Wholesale silver Jewellery UK - Alpaca Collection

Alpaca designs have shot up in popularity in the last few years. As loving cuddly creatures, alpacas resonate perfectly with children, and therefore are great animals to represent through jewellery.

Our silver Alpaca ear studs have seen great success over the past year, and that success doesn’t seem to be going any time soon!

Butterfly Collection:

Wholesale silver Jewellery UK - Butterfly Collection

As some of the most delicate and beautiful creatures on earth, butterflies have always been a hit with children. With many different species, sporting gorgeous and colourful designs, butterflies naturally appeal to kids. Silver JD has a wide range of butterfly-themed pieces that children will love.

Dog Collection:

Wholesale silver Jewellery UK - Dog Collection

As man’s best friend, dogs are formidable companions. Throughout history, humans have long had great relationships with dogs. From their protective natures to cuddly and supportive traits, it’s no wonder kids love dogs!

We stock a range of dog and puppy jewellery that children will love. As a constant trend, our love for dogs seems like it’ll never end!

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, wholesale animal-themed jewellery plays a vital role in fostering imagination and creativity in children. Whether they’re playing dress-up with friends or embarking on a magical adventure in the park, these whimsical pieces of jewellery inspire children to dream big and embrace their sense of wonder.