Yes, all of our jewellery is made with pure 925 Sterling Silver.

Health and Safety

Yes. Silver is a pure metal that does not contain nickel, lead, cadmium or any other toxic substances. All of our products also undergo strict quality control and health and safety checks.


Yes, all of our jewellery has a 925 Hallmark stamp. However, some of our designs are too small or fragile and stamping the piece might damage them, such as small ear studs. On products such as these, the hallmark can be found on the butterfly back.

Sourcing and Manufacturing Processes

Yes. All of our products are manufactured in a single factory, based in Bangkok. We visit the factory on a regular basis. The factory is regulated and audited by Sedex on social welfare, and health and safety.


Yes. Our minimum order amount is £100 excluding shipping


Orders are usually dispatched within 3-6 days of purchase. On rare occasions, the delivery may take up to 10 days.

Payment and Returns

We accept payment via PayPal, First Payment, and bank transfer. We accept all major credit and debit cards.